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iRoam International SIM Card Reviews

iRoam is formerly known as Brightroam and G3 Wireless (G3 Telecom) which currently maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Mega Tech News Review

Review Date: October 9, 2013 | By Michael Kwan


  • "Taking the guesswork and huge expense out of these roaming charges is the convenient global service offered by G3 Wireless. The idea here is that you can use one SIM card, travel to dozens of countries around the world, and enjoy up to 90% savings on all your talk, text and mobile data needs."
  • "It is a fully prepaid service, so you can better predict your travel costs. You can choose to have a Canadian or a USA-based phone number, the SIM card is valid for one year and is fully renewable, and you can recharge your pay-as-you-go account on an as-needed basis. There are no hidden fees, no credit check and no contract."
  • "Of course, the biggest advantage to using G3 Wireless while traveling is that you can save up to 90% compared to the roaming fees you'd pay with your home carrier."
  • "With G3 Wireless, you can enjoy substantial savings of up to 90% on your mobile phone usage. There are no roaming fees and you effectively pay a rate that's almost like the locals."
  • "The transition between carriers, in my experience was seamless...With wide global coverage, G3 Wireless makes it easy and affordable to stay connected."
Mega Tech News review

Leave Your Daily Hell

Review Date: July 16, 2014 | By Robert Schrader


  • "Beyond great device compatibility and competitive rates, G3 Wireless sets itself apart by having incredible customer service. Call or email one of G3's customer service representatives 7 days per week, whether you have trouble activating your SIM, experience a sudden issue or just need questions answered."
  • "Obviously, a global SIM from G3 Wireless isn't the right solution for everyone. In some countries, for example, data is not available because G3 has not yet reached a data roaming agreement with their local partner. But chances are, if you're traveling abroad and need to use your cellphone, G3 Wireless has a product that's right for you."
Leave Your Daily Hell review

Wise Bread

Review Date: July 22, 2014 | By Nora Dunn


  • "Taking your cell phone abroad with your home SIM card could result in hundreds of dollars of roaming charges, even if you don't use the phone. Avoid this entirely by having an unlocked phone and buying a local SIM card, or using an international SIM card with no roaming charges. (I'm currently using one from G3 Wireless that works like a charm.) And failing that - make sure your emails and Internet notifications aren't being pushed to your phone! It could cost you hundreds."
Wise Bread review

The Expert Vagabond

By Matthew Karsten in Travel Tips


  • "G3 Wireless makes international sim cards that will work in over 60 countries worldwide. You can call, text, or check email while traveling to places like Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, India, or even Afghanistan."
  • "It doesn't matter how many countries you travel to, you'll keep the same phone number, have access to voice, texting, and data, but you'll also spend a whole lot less for cell service."
  • "Pay as you go and only put money on the card when you need it."
The Expert Vagabond review

Never Ending Footsteps

Review Date: October 1, 2014 | By Lauren Juliff


  • "Getting set up with the SIM card was quick and easy. I put the card in my phone, headed over to the G3 website and activated it by entering in the serial number on my SIM. After turning my phone off and on, and changing my data roaming settings, I was all good to go! It was that simple."
  • "Being able to use data was the most important feature for me. I rarely make phone calls or send texts, so having a data usage with the SIM card was needed. The data worked just as well as it would with a local SIM card, no problems at all."
  • "Making Phone Calls: Making phone calls also worked well. I was able to call Dave in Thailand without a problem although there was quite a bit of a delay, but not enough that it would prevent us from talking. I also called my mum in the UK, and that worked even better! The connection was strong and there wasn't any delays."
  • "Receiving Phone Calls: This worked just as well as making them. I gave Dave my phone number and he called me. The call was clear and with no problems apart from the two second delay I mentioned above."
  • "Sending/Receiving Texts: This worked as you would expect. My texts went through without fail, and I was able to easily receive them, too."
  • "I liked the G3 Global SIM card and I can see it saving me a lot of stress in the future. My global SIM card works in 90% of the countries I choose to travel to, eliminating the need for me to get a local SIM card in most places."
  • "I'm a big fan and can whole heartedly recommend picking one up."
Never Ending Fotosteps

Customer reviews (actual Google+ users)

"I have been a G3 wireless customer for about a year. Just renewed for another year. Excellent service and would recommend G3 Wireless to others without any reservation. Very reasonable rates - domestic and international."

- Subhas Tella Google user reviews


"We live in Canada and travel to the US 2 or 3 times each year. After paying huge long distance & roaming charges with our cell phone provider, I discovered G3 and for the past 3 years I have been using a G3 Wireless SIM card in my phone when we travel, both in the US and internationally. I chose a BC number, so our friends and family can call me toll free while we are away. What a huge savings....on roaming and also calling rates. I have looked around and nothing else compares on a pay-as-you-go basis. All the other companies I found charge monthly fees, or the expiry date it too short. We travel frequently enough that my credit has never expired. The coverage is mostly good. We have used it in Mexico and we also called home from Aruba, when we were on a cruise, with no problems at all. There have been a few times in CA where it had trouble finding the T-Mobile network for a while, but most of the time it's been great. The few times I have called customer service they were friendly and helpful. I have recommended G3 to many friends, and look forward to continuing to use their services when travelling. Thank you for this service!"

- Corinne McCarthy Google user reviews


"Excellent! The 3G SIM card worked just as advertised. We traveled to Bermuda and our phone worked for both incoming and outgoing called at a reduced rate compared to my Verizon Wireless account. I forwarded my Verizon Wireless number to me G3 (Philadelphia PA) number and callers we're routed directly to my G3 phone. We're going to travel to Germany in the spring and the G3 rates are even keeper then Bermuda. I recommend G3 to any international traveler."

- John Ochoa Google user reviews

"I received my first G3 Wireless phone in the mail damaged by the carrier and would it not work. I called G3 support line and they very quickly went over the setup steps and confirmed that it was not working. We were running out of time and we were to leave on a trip in which case that sent me a new phone all setup and working properly via express. I am a senior and it has been a long time since I have seen service like this! Thank you G3."

- Ted R Google user reviews


"Je recommande la SIM CARD G3 Wireless. Excellent rapport qualité prix pour les communications aux USA et l'Europe."

- Jean-Claude Lafleur Google user reviews


"G3 Wireless has worked as expected for me. I was having some issues getting the SIM card to work when installed, but the customer service representatives helped me through it and had it fixed the same day."

- Erica Renee Goldson Google user reviews

"We have been with G3 Telecom for a lot of years now. We enjoy their Cell Phone services. The service is the best and the wireless plans are just awesome. G3 Telecom Customer Service is just awesome and much better than Rogers and Bell which offers poor customer service."

- Alex Y Google user reviews


"Je me suis procuré une carte SIM pour les USA sur le site G3 Wireless. Excellent service,livraison de la carte en 3 jours au Québec.Tout fonctionne très bien.J'ai communiqué plusieurs fois avec le service à la clientèle par téléphone et par "Chat" et j'ai été très bien servi.J'ai même reçu un crédit de 10$ pour avoir référé un ami qui s'est abonné à son tour...Merci!!! A+++++"

- Pierre Fortin Google user reviews


"I travel US and Canada and have been a G3 customer for 1 year now, they absolutely answer my needs both from the technical and non technical side. I had phone startup problems that were pinpoint and resolved by a very knowledgeable and responsive individual on their technical team. Their non technical staff are also very knowledgeable and doing business with them is easy. I have recommended G3 to my friends."

- Hermann Bastien Google user reviews

iRoam is a prepaid, convenient Global Talk + Text + Data cellular phone service with exceptional coverage and rates in the USA, Europe and globally while saving you up to 90% in roaming costs when compared with your cellular provider.

Powered by the world's best networks to give you exceptional coverage and connection.

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iRoam is formerly known as Brightroam and G3 Wireless (G3 Telecom) which currently maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. iRoam is formerly known as Brightroam and G3 Wireless which has an A+ BBB rating.