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7 Quick Tips for Traveling

April 29, 2015

7 Quick Tips for Traveling

Sun, sand, and water! Traveling can be a source of excitement, nervousness, and sometimes it can even be scary. Reaching your destination relieves the nervousness, but what about unexpected situations that may arise during your travels? Have you thought about bringing your mobile device along? Here are 7 quick tips for traveling and putting your mind at ease.

  1. Pack things in a compact way
    There are many travel "hacks" that allow you to pack your essentials in a compact way and have everything fit neatly in your suitcase. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them and stuff your socks and underwear in your shoes to save space. Place shoes in shower caps to prevent your suitcase from getting dirty. Tuck belts into collared shirts to save space as well as maintain the shape of the collar. Organize your jewelry in pill containers to prevent them from being lost, broken, or tangled.
  2. Bring an international SIM card
    Keeping in touch with loved ones and staying updated on social media is essential when traveling. It's nice to be able to share with people your adventures and travel experiences. Pack an international SIM Card so that you can make and receive calls without worrying about expensive international calling fees. Avoid the high cost of using your mobile device while traveling internationally. Check out our international SIM card to see how you can communicate abroad.
  3. Use your family's residence as a home base
    Stay safe and use a family member's living quarters as home base. If you are traveling alone or with other people, check in with family to make sure that everything is going well on your end. This is why having an international SIM card comes in handy! Besides emergency response teams, family members will be the ones that are closest to help you out if something happens during your visit.
  4. Get a pocket-sized budget camera
    Invest in a slim digital camera that turns on and focuses quickly to capture moments on your trip. Don't be boggled down by the heaviness of an expensive camera and juggling lenses when you can be traveling light. By the time you have all the settings perfect, you've already missed out on plenty of other photographic opportunities around you.
  5. Prepare snacks
    Let's face it, airport food is expensive and you've already spent enough for your flight tickets so why not save money where you can? Bring snacks along with you for your flight that is filling such as granola bars, trail mix, etc. You can snack on the plane, in between meals during your travel, and on your plane ride back home. Avoid bringing fresh fruits and vegetables or food that needs to be kept at a certain cool temperature.
  6. A copy of your passport and itinerary
    Having an extra copy of your passport and itinerary for safety precautions is crucial if you ever lose your passport or luggage. If you do lose your passport, having a copy will greatly speed up the process of applying for a new one. Place a copy of your itinerary in your luggage and it will help the airport's representative figure out where the luggage was supposed to end up. Having that information will allow you to be reunited with your luggage quickly.
  7. One quart Ziploc bags
    For getting through airport security, pack appropriate sized liquids, gels, and toiletries in a single one-quart Ziploc bag to avoid the hassle of transporting liquids and spillage. All of your liquids are contained in one bag and you don't have to go searching through your luggage if you happen to be the lucky one that gets pulled aside for additional baggage search. Pack a few extra ones in case one rips or someone you're traveling with forgets to bring one.

Traveling should be as hassle-free and stress-free as possible. There are many ways to make life easier when living out of a suitcase. Don't let the idea of travel prevent you from seeing and exploring the world. Follow the 7 quick tips for traveling to ease your travel worries giving you the opportunity to look forward to traveling stress-free. Travel smart and travel safe!

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